Product Details

3.5mm Plug to 3.5mm Plug R-Test UP0358 Cable

Order No:PC1K50-UP0358-PC1K50-1000
Product Name:R-Test (RF Test Cable)
Left Side Series:RPC3.5
Left Side Gender:Plug (Male)
Left Side Configuration:Straight
Cable:R-Test UP0358
Cable Length:1000 mm
Right Side Series:RPC3.5
Right Side Gender:Plug (Male)
Right Side Configuration:Straight
Application Field:Test & Measurement
Rosnol P/N:PC1K50-UP0358-PC1K50-1000

Product Introduction

3.5mm Plug to 3.5mm Plug High Performance Cable Assemblies

The R-Test® UP family of cables offer you high performance flexible cable assemblies with the lowest insertion loss and highest frequency response when compared other cables of the same diameter. 
They are designed with stainless steel RPC3.51) connectors and high precision dimension along with the strongest cable to connector termination of all the cables types. 
A wide range of diameters, protective coverings and electrical options are available.

1) RPC3.5 stands for ROSNOL Precision 3.5mm Connectors


  • Standard up to 26.5 GHz (Custom up to 33 GHz)
  • Silver Plated Copper Center Conductors
  • 45% Lower Loss than Solid Dielectrics
  • Higher Shielding Effectiveness
  • Stainless Steel RPC3.5 (3.5mm) Connectors
  • Direct Solder Sleeve to Outer Braids for superior reliability
  • Phased Matched Pairs and Sets Available (standard tolerance is ± 1 degree per GHz or +/- 3.0 picoseconds)
  • Available with Protective Coverings of:
    • Stainless Steel Armor
    • Armored With Weatherized (PVC)
    • Extended Boots