Product Details

2.92mm Plug Termination 40 GHz | 1 Watt

Order No:T-K15-40G1WB/9XX
Product Name:Termination
Gender:Plug (Male)
Frequency:40 GHz
Power:1 Watt
Application Field:Test & Measurement
Rosnol P/N:T-K15-40G1WB/9XX

Product Introduction

RF Termination Load 1 Watt DC Up To 40 GHz Precision 2.92mm Plug

ROSNOL RPC2.92 Plug RF load / termination (also known as a dummy load) part number T-K15-40G1WA/9XX from ROSNOL is just part of a wide selection of coaxial terminator products supplied for radio, antenna and other types of RF components for typical use, production, laboratory test and measurement, defense / military, etc. which are specifically made ready for quick shipment. 

Our RPC2.92 coaxial RF termination load is manufactured in a RF termination load design with 2.92mm connector interface. 
This 2.92mm RF load is a male gender and without chain.

RPC2.92 plug RF load from ROSNOL is 50 Ohm impedance and is rated for a maximum frequency up to 40 GHz . 
Dummy load / RF termination part number T-K15-40G1WA/9XX has a maximum input power of 1 Watt and a maximum VSWR of 1.20:1.

Additional plug 2.92mm RF termination load specs for this component can be found on its RF termination load PDF specifications datasheet above.

RF / Microwave and millimeter wave load components for radio, antenna, other types of RF component connections in typical use, production, test and measurement labs, military / defense, etc. are in stock.

ROSNOL RPC2.92 Plug termination load is part of over 50,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components in stock.
Our RPC2.92 Plug termination load is ready for shipping worldwide.
We also stock and/or custom build RPC2.92 coaxial cables that ship quickly from our own facility for all your RF adaptor component needs.